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Cannabis flos SIMM 18from the Bureau voor Medicinale Cannabis - The Hague, The Netherlands Cannabis flos SIMM 18from the Bureau voor Medicinale Cannabis - The Hague, The Netherlands


The vaporizer produces THC-vapor at a temperature of 200 C. (392 F.) while completely eliminating three measured toxins – benzene, a known carcinogen, plus toluene and naphthalene.
Carbon monoxide and smoke tars were both qualitatively reduced by the vaporizer



A chronology of cannabis




Cultivating cannabis:




2005 Symposium on the Cannabinoids June 23rd - 28th, 2005

The International Cannabinoid Research Society is dedicated to research in all fields relating to the Cannabinoids, from receptor studies and medicinal chemistry to treatment and prevention of marijuana abuse.

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Medical Marihuana: United Kingdom

Regulatory Bodies

Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA)
The executive agency of the UK Department of Health protecting and promoting public health and patient safety by ensuring that medicines, healthcare products and medical equipment meet appropriate standards of safety, quality, performance and effectiveness, and are used safely.

Committee on Safety of Medicines (CSM)
The Committee advises the UK Licensing Authority to ensure that medicines meet the standards of quality, efficacy and safety the public and health professions would expect.

Parliamentary Reports
  • Cannabis: the scientific and medical evidence
    UK House of Lords Select Committee on Science and Technology report on cannabis for medical purposes. It is a comprehensive report and includes recommendations. November 1998. (Science and Technology - Ninth Report)
  • Therapeutic Uses of Cannabis
    A report from the UK House of Lords Select Committee on Science and Technology addressing issues raised in the earlier inquiry 'Cannabis: The Scientific and Medical Evidence'. March 2001. (Science and Technology - Second Report)
  • The Government's Drugs policy - Is it working?
    A report from the UK House of Commons examining the UK Government's policies on illicit drugs including cannabis. May 2002 (Home Affairs _ Third Report).

GW Pharmaceuticals
GW is a pharmaceutical company developing a portfolio of prescription medicines derived from cannabis to meet patient needs in a wide range of therapeutic indications.


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2005 IACM 3rd Conference on Cannabinoids in Medicine:

in Leiden, on 9-10 September 2005, The International Association for Cannabis as Medicine in cooperation with the Office for Medicinal Cannabis of the Dutch Health Ministry and the University of Leiden would like to invite you to participate in the 2005 Meeting of the IACM on September 9-10, 2005 at Leiden University, The Netherlands.
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